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China encourages young students in Tibet to go far from home to get an education. 

Efforts intensify to free a killer whale from a Florida aquarium.

With relations warming, Cuban-Americans hope to get back property seized during the revolution.

A new drug stuns Florida police by making addicts do the unthinkable.

A small town in Indiana struggles to stop an HIV outbreak.

FIFA scandal: tracking down one of the most wanted men in soccer.

They served in the US military but still face deportation

Jonathan returns to New Orleans ten years after Katrina struck.

Anger grows in Puerto Rico over a century-old law that's driving up prices


Some of Jonathan's most memorable stories from one of the country's worst disasters.

The first live reports from the Lower Ninth Ward - just hours after Katrina had passed.

Stunning images, riding through a flooded Six Flags New Orleans - on a boat.

Rescues of people trapped in a flooded apartment complex in New Orleans East.

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